School List It

What’s due & when for any school, anywhere

School List It: not just another learning app

School List It is a free app for parents

2020 Call For Code Top 5 Global Winner
2020 Top 5 Global
Call For Code Winner

School List It is social platform built by a parent for parents – a social network to post, share, and collaborate on schoolwork and homework assignments. Following the classes of your student’s creates a learning to-do list for each child in your family. Connect with other parents, share, ask, and answer questions.

Teachers will love School List It

Everyone, anywhere has instant visibility to class and school assignments making it easier for students to get help at home. No internet? No Problem. School List It works offline and updates the next time you get online.

Need to know what is due and when? SchoolListIt holds assignments for any school, anywhere and shows your assignments in an easy scheduled weekly to do list for the whole family or one student – individual learning plans right on your phone.

School List It gives you instant visibility to class and homework due dates

School List It makes “not knowing” unacceptable for students and makes it easier for parents to help student’s stay on track. Teachers are tired of hearing, “I didn’t know that was due.” School List It is the right answer every time!

School List

How-To Video

  • View scheduled class assignments by student or household
  • Assignments link to a school list lesson or any other learning app
  • Align mandatory assignments with a due date. Track optional learning assignments.
  • Parents and students can check off assignments when complete
  • Lessons can be easily built right in SchoolListit

Everything in School List It is public

(Just like Twitter)

Think of School List It as the bulletin board in the town square. Don’t post it if you don’t want to share it. Each School List It class is a community with moderators.

It doesn’t work for a parent to ask, “Did you do your homework?”, but imagine if parents, pastors, and community volunteers could effectively help out with schoolwork and homework.

In a normal school setting, getting access to what is due and when often means taking off work. It is difficult for parents to help with schoolwork at home, but especially for single parents. The wider support sphere is often not allowed access to information for security or legal issues.

“I’d like to read your report on Rosa Parks. Its due tomorrow and needs to 350 words. Show it to me.” — Now, that works every time!

The School List It Platform

WordPress + ReactJS + IBM’s Watson

School List It opens schoolwork assignments to a wider sphere of support so that kids get help with schoolwork at home.

School List It is built for integration with leading Learning Management systems including Google Classroom or Blackboard. Contact us to find out how.

School List It is a React App tied to a secure and separate database and can securely push or pull assignments and due dates from/to any existing learning management system with permission via REST API.

With School List It, we can all lend a hand to the kid next door or down the street because we know what is due and when. Because of Covid-19, its time for us to all pitch in and help educate our kids. Let’s get to work.

SchoolListIt was developed during the Covid-19 crisis in appreciation of school teachers and administrators with stressed out parents in mind.