Run by an award winning developer of WordPress based projects. Most recently, our project School List It, a ReactJS – WordPress – Watson platform for education took the fourth prize in the 2020 global Call for Code.

In 2019, MSP-Media.org re-launched the Island Free Press, a WordPress newspaper and won multiple-awards from the North Carolina Press Association.

Founder Meg Phillips discusses Education, Technology and WordPress

Recently, Meg was invited to discuss SchoolListit on the postcast WomenInWP. Check it out.

Education, Technology, WordPress

For Help or Suggestions

School List It is in a demo release which means the app is live, but our team are pushing frequent updates. We are responsive and welcome feedback. To open an issue, please visit our Github Repository.

If you are not a GitHub user, you can sign up for a free account. Github will never spam you. The issues tracker helps our team respond in an organized way that actually links directly with the code contributors of School List It.

Suggestions, Please!

As communities across the world, we all want what is best for students. This is why at School List It, we love fresh, new, and even disruptive ideas. If there is something School List It could do to make your education experience better or more transparent – please share that with us on GitHub.

If you would like to contribute

School List It is open source software distributed under the GNU General Public License built in React using WordPress and the WordPress REST API as a backend server and is available to whomever at no cost.

If you are a developer or marketer and would like to contribute to School List It, please reach out to me on GitHub @megphillips91.

The School List It website and application were built and launched into MVP within a ridiculously small number of hours by a single developer. Without the amazing contributions of thousands of truly talented and community-minded open source developers and companies, this could not be possible.

We stand on the shoulders of giants

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Support SchoolListIt’s ongoing development and support

We are excited to have entered the 2020 Call For Code.

Please contact Meg Phillips (@megphillips91) if you are interested in learning more SchoolListIt and would like to support what we are doing!

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