“Help!” I need a checklist

The Inspiration


SchooListIt founder, Meg Phillips @megphillips91

I am a working mom of two school-aged children and an infant. Let me be honest. Homeschooling has never been on my radar. I was totally blindsided by the mandate to homeschool during Covid-19.

Those first few weeks were hard, punishingly hard, for parents and teachers. If not for my neighbor, shout out to Vicki, my kids may have failed the latter half of 2020 school year.

Our teachers, many of them homeschooling their own children for the first time, had to adapt a tried and true on-site curriculum to remote schooling with very little notice. I am amazed by what they accomplished.


Apparently, I was not the only parent crying out for clarity. In our district, we received checklists from every teacher the very next Monday. Great! Multiple checklists from multiple teachers for multiple children.

My wish for a checklist had certainly been granted. I needed a checklist for my checklists.

What do you get when the PTA mom is a developer passionate about open source? SchoolListIt

Why do we need another educational app? Because we need an app capable of keeping us all straight on the who, what, when, and where of all our children’s school assignments. There is so much sensitive and necessarily private data in a school system, but what is due for class and homework should be public and easily accessible to everyone and decoupled from secure data. Particularly if we are in a blended part remote part in person learning environment.

  • Every assignment is in one place for all classes
  • Each links to the lesson or learning app
  • They align with a due date or are clearly marked as optional
  • Parents and students can track completed assignments
  • Assignments can be aggregated as needed into a schedule
  • Even if teachers cannot input the assignments, parents can add assignments and share with other parents

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