Working from home with my kids, an article for A Big Orange Heart

Working from home with kids

This week, A big orange heart, shared an article I wrote. In the article, I share a few big and little ways I make working from home with kids in the house work for me

Meg Phillips, founder, SchooListIt

Take advantage of the freeedom to choose where you live

Meg with Bunny after work

This is a “big thing”. I get it. Don’t think it happened immediately for us. It was 5 years after we married and I started working remotely before we relocated. Even then, it took us another 3 years to settle into a community that truly feels like home.

The key is to be inspired by your home. And maybe, just maybe, we should all have this freedom. Whether you choose ocean, mountain, city, or village – be inspired. Surround yourself with people who care and support you. Get outside everyday!

SchooListIt would not have happened if I couldn’t manage. Check it out. I think you’re gonna love how SchooListit can help you manage priorities.

Take advantage of the freedom to set your own schedule

Whatever works for you is the right schedule. Try a few different ideas until you hit on the right one. Be consistent once you find a routine that works for you. But, remember that as your kids grow and mature your schedule and their schedule will morph. Right now, it works for me to work in the wee hours of the morning. However, I know that as my 1yr old matures this is gonna shift and change as she grows.

Remember you are not alone

There are so many working moms – in the office and in the home. We all make hard decisions. Most of us are pretty hard on our selves. So remember to give yourself a break and just love your little ones. They love you right back.

Read the article in A Big Orange Heart for more details.

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