Recently, SchoolListIt founder, Meg Phillips, was interviewed by the WomenInWP group about Covid-19, Education, and Technology.

Feature: Women in WordPress

Our Founder on WomenInWP

Recently, SchoolListIt founder, Meg Phillips, was invited to join the WomenInWP podcast and talk about Covid-19, education and technology. Check it out.

Meg Phillips is a mom, marketer, and web developer. Before having children, she worked in apparel product development. She was part of the team that launched the Soma Brand for Chico’s FAS.

Since having children, Meg continues to work as a product developer focused on technology and marketing for start-up ideas. Most recently, the Covid-19 crisis inspired Meg to found School List It. She describes this as: “the easiest way to share schoolwork on the planet.”

She talks about her love of using WordPress and the view that it can be used for everything on the web. Meg also reveals her background in design and how the modular approach of PHP approach appealed to her as she made the transition to development.

“We are the cutting edge,” says Meg describing the strength of open source.

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